Netherlands Business Registration is required to set up a business in the Netherlands. Business address registration is an important part of the company set up. The company must complete the establishment process by declaring an official address. However, those who have not previously established a company in the Netherlands are likely to have problems with this issue. As Beyond Consultancy, we register company addresses in a professional sense. So, how is this process carried out for companies?

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Business Location BEYOND CONSULTANCY February 22, 2024

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Business Location BEYOND CONSULTANCY February 22, 2024

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Business Location BEYOND CONSULTANCY February 22, 2024

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Business Location BEYOND CONSULTANCY February 22, 2024

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Netherlands Business Registration


An official address is required for every business operating in the Netherlands that wants to officially become a company. The sector in which the company will operate or the products it will sell will not affect this requirement. If the owner of the company who will register the address at the company establishment stage is a foreigner, in this case, a residence permit in the Netherlands must be obtained. Those who cannot obtain a Dutch residence permit should contact Beyond Consultancy and get support on this issue.

Can a Private Address in the Netherlands Be a Company Address?

In the Netherlands, every business must be registered to an address. Thus if you want to Set up a company in the Netherlands, you can also use a private address if you are living there. However, the company’s field of activity is quite important. The special address to be used as a workplace cannot be shown as a production household or factory address. Therefore, it is also important what kind of activity the company is engaged in.

Business Location and Beyond Consultancy in the Netherlands

As Beyond Consultancy, we also support entrepreneurs to obtain a Residence Permit during the establishment of a business. In this context, we ensure that the most reasonable option is used for the address needed for the establishment of the business. How about becoming a partner with one of the best Netherlands consulting firms for Netherlands Business Registration during the establishment of a business? We will offer you the most successful services with our legal advisors and experts.

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Business Location and Beyond Consultancy’s Support

At Beyond Consultancy, we go beyond assisting with business address registration. We also provide comprehensive support in obtaining a residence permit during the business establishment process. Our experienced team ensures that the most appropriate address option is utilized for your business setup. By partnering with one of the leading consulting firms in the Netherlands for business registration, you gain access to our legal advisors and experts, who will provide you with exceptional services tailored to your specific needs.

With our extensive knowledge of the Dutch market, we can guide you in selecting an ideal business location that not only meets your operational needs but also maximizes growth opportunities. Whether you’re looking for a bustling city center office or a strategic industrial area, we have the expertise to find the perfect match for your business.

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Understanding the Process

Opening a bank account in the Netherlands requires adherence to financial and legal regulations. Our experts are well-versed in the process and can guide you through the necessary documentation, including proof of identity, business registration, and proof of address. We ensure that you have a clear understanding of the requirements and assist you in preparing the necessary paperwork.

Private Address as a Company Address

In the Netherlands, it is permissible to use a private address as a company address when setting up a business, provided certain conditions are met. If you reside in the Netherlands and wish to establish a company, your private address can be used as the official company address. However, it is crucial to consider the nature of your company’s activities. Special workplaces cannot be designated as production households or factory addresses. Therefore, the type of business activity plays a vital role in determining the suitability of a private address.

Registering your business address in the Netherlands is a critical step in the company setup process. Beyond Consultancy offers professional assistance to ensure that your company meets the necessary requirements and successfully completes the establishment procedure. Whether you require guidance on obtaining a residence permit or need support in choosing the most suitable address for your business, our team of legal advisors and experts is here to assist you. Partner with us, and let us pave the way for a smooth and successful Netherlands Business Registration for your company. Contact us today for personalized support and reliable solutions.

Business Location BEYOND CONSULTANCY February 22, 2024

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I hesitated a lot and was undecisive, but I am glad that we started our company with Beyond consultancy. I can now say that they are the only address for those who want to start a company and work in a digital way, they have a really excellent system. They are a bit pricy, that's the only downside. Other than that, they are helpful with everything, references, business partners, I really recommend them to everyone.

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Great team, clear procedure

We feel so lucky to have hired you as our consultant.

Great team, clear procedure👍

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